Oct 11, 2022

18 October 2022

The Global Farmers Market Revival

More than an ad hoc approach to facilitate the supply and demand pressures in municipal food regions, the global revival of the ancient farmers market actually represents a new strategy for civil society to rekindle the regional social contract around food. Biodiversity becomes critical asset. Social trust becomes means to affect nutritional behavior change; and leadership emerges from beneath the tents and umbrellas that unite commerce and community. For much of the world, the peri-urban landscape is simply future city. Instead, resist the urge to pave over the most productive and strategic farmland on the planet. Reimagine food systems that reward innovation and preserve tradition — especially for women, youth, and those who work the land without the heavy subsidy of national governments. 

We will explore these issues with insights from around the world, but especially in South America. 

Date: Tuesday, 18 October 2022

Time: 14:30 > 16:00 local time

Where: City of Arts – Cidade das Artes (Av. das Américas, 5300 – Barra da Tijuca), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Carlo Lazo, Agroferias Campesinas — website
Richard McCarthy, World Farmers Markets Coalition — website
Kate MacKenzie, New York City Food Policy Director — website
Thiago Nasser, Junta Local — website

More information: The MUFPP 2022 Global Forum website