Mar 8, 2022

8 March 2022

The National Association of Produce Managers is holding its annual conference (twice bumped by the pandemic) in New Orleans, LA. Founded in 1947, this organization remains an important link between the New Deal and the New Green Deal. This important gathering comes at an important time (in which food distribution infrastructure is challenged) and in an important place (New Orleans — no stranger to trauma and crisis). Join me in New Orleans for weather-to-die-for and discussions about how to best position markets as first responders to bring a sense of agency and normalcy during crises. Disappointingly, I will be joining digitally. The good news is that I'm sharing the keynote slot with New Orleans's Liz Williams, founder of the National Food and Beverage Foundation. 

Learn more about the conference.

Tuesday, 8 March 2022
8:45am (local time, Central Time North America)
Holiday Inn Superdome