Sep 14, 2023

Interview with Tsuyoshi Sekihara

German born Dirk Bischof is based in London, where he leads the social enterprise he founded, Hatch Enterprise. Committed to building a better world through entrepreneurship, Dirk spent a sabbatical in Japan with the like-minded Japanese organization — ETIC (or Entrepreneurial Training for Innovative Communities). At ETIC, Dirk was handed a copy of Kuni to read, consider the challenges facing rural communities in Japan and elsewhere. 

It is a great interview. Dirk asked many questions that are central to the book, as well as others I wish that I had asked Sekihara myself. I am so grateful to ETIC, Hatch Enterprise, and Fumiko Miyamoto for making this interview a reality. It makes me even more proud to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Sekihara to bring Kuni to the world. 

Read the Medium interview online here.