Jan 14, 2023

29 April 2023

This just in from the Shantigar Foundation:

The challenges of the 21st century—climate crisis, economic inequality, and political instability—call on us to imagine new ways of living together. Richard McCarthy, an activist instrumental in the growth of farmers markets, has thought long and hard about these ideas. Discovering the work of Tsuyoshi Sekihara, founder of the Kuni movement, he found an exciting model that integrates urban and rural communities. Kuni is the Japanese word for nation, but its meaning is being reimagined by citizens committed to egalitarian principles, environmental stewardship, circular economies, and a holistic view of social organization. Learn what can happen when creative, forward-thinking, and sustainability-minded people come together to make change. 

Think of late April and the first shoots of spring. Put this on your calendar. I know that I can't wait to visit the retreat center developed by playwright Jean-Claude van Itallie on what was once the Davenport Dairy Farm. In 1968, with proceeds from his play, America Hurrah, he purchased the farm from his father and his friends to develop it into Shantigar (meaning "peaceful home" in Sanskrit) to "engage with the world from a more profound place through transformative workshops, retreats and performances." Please join me for this afternoon discussion in Western Massachusetts.

Location: Shantigar Farm, Rowe, MA

Date: Saturday, 29 April 2023

Times: 1400 > 1630 ET

The book discussion is open to the public by donation, with gratitude. Books will be available for sale on site. More details here.