Jan 26, 2022

World Farmers Market Coalition

This new global network of farmers, fans and farmers market practitioners believes that successful markets are managed. They possess and publicize rules committed to direct marketing, transparency of food origins, and competition. They occur on a recurring basis; and are inclusive and open to participation by farmers and shoppers. When these core competencies are professionally cultivated, farmers markets are not only better able to weather economic, political and climatic instability, but they are able to achieve multiple benefits associated with SDG #3, #9, #11, #13, #16, and #17.

Founded at the United Nations Sustainable Food Summit Pre-Conference in Rome in July 2021 and led by Italy's formidable farmers market network, Fondazione Campagna Amica, the global network counts farmers market leaders from Bangladesh, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Georgia, Ghana, Japan, Norway, and the USA among the first to rally around this new community of practice. Our goal is to build the capacity of farmers markets to flourish as an independent sector to benefit farmers, consumers and the communities that host these remarkably agile pop-up institutions. From global South to North, civil society is managing urban-rural linkages, cultivating trust, and nourishing communities. With support from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, as part of its Food Coalition initiative, we are formalizing efforts in advance of our first general assembly later in 2022. For these objectives, I have agreed to serve as the provisional president for the NGO. 

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